06/30/2016 – Water Bill Round-Up

//06/30/2016 – Water Bill Round-Up

06/30/2016 – Water Bill Round-Up

The City of Carrollton is offering a program that benefits educational initiatives at Carrollton City Schools. Modeled after the successful electric bill roundup Carroll EMC has promoted for years, the city’s Water Bill Roundup program does just that – rounds up your water bill to the next dollar. The difference is donated to the Carrollton City Schools Education Foundation to support various programming to benefit our schools.

This program’s model is based on volume of contributors, not large contributions. Even If someone’s water bill ended in .01 every month, the most a family will pay would be $11.88 per year! But, when you add together the supporting water customers throughout the city, you can imagine what kind of impact could be made to benefit our children.

The program goes into effect July 1 for those who opt-in to participate. To do this, all a water customer has to do is fill out this short form.

“The City of Carrollton has been a great partner of our school system and we really appreciate its generosity by sponsoring the Water Bill Roundup program,” said Melanie McLendon, who chairs the Carrollton City Schools Education Foundation. “We are hopeful to get great participation that will translate into strong support for Carrollton City Schools.”

Carrollton Mayor Walt Hollingsworth said offering the Water Bill Roundup program is a great way to support the school system. “Funding levels are still not where they should be for our schools,” he said. “We are proud of the Trojan Nation and in this small way, we can support efforts to make it even better.”

Click here to view the form.

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