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The Community Development Department provides information on Planning and Zoning. In addition, the Department serves as Secretary to Board of Development Appeals, Planning Commission and Historic Preservation Commission; provides demographic and other Census related information;  and reviews all site and subdivision plans.

For convenient access to the City of Carrollton Zoning Ordinance (also known as Unified Development Ordinance) click the following link: Carrollton Zoning Ordinance


Erica Studdard
Community Development Director
Phone: (770) 830-2000
Fax: (770) 830-2026

Hayley Beaver
City Planner
Phone: (770) 830-2000
Fax: (770) 830-2025

City of Carrollton, Georgia

June 2018 Zoning Map


Plan Review Application & Procedures

Plan Review Application & Procedures

Tree Species List

Laci Campbell
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (770) 830-2000
Fax: (770) 830-2026




Zoning Verification Letters
Please fill out an Open Records Request Form & email it to

Open Records Request Form
The Cost is $10.00 for the letter with the potential for additional
costs if research is needed.

*Please include all additional information on the Open
Records Request form and only submit the form to one
staff member.


Rezoning & Annexation Application

Rezoning Only will still utilize the Rezoning & Annexation Application

Variance Application

Certificate of Appropriateness Application

For Local Historic District Design Guidelines please click here.

Conditional Use Application

Special Use Permits
(Please fill out the Application and Pertaining Supplementary Form)

Special Use Permit Application

Sanitary Landfill Transfer Station

Modular Structures for Religious Uses

Density Increase for Residential Multifamily