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The City of Carrollton owns and operates a 7 million gallon per day waste water treatment facility. Treatment is accomplished via a mechanical pretreatment facility, a solids dewatering process and a spray irrigation system.

In order to effectively comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations all industrial waste as well as food service discharges are monitored by the waste water department staff.

Currently the facility treats an average of 3.5 million gallons each day. The facility was awarded the Georgia Association of Water Professionals’ “Gold Award” for the past two consecutive years. This award illustrates the dedication and commitment of the staff of the waste water department.


Tony Richardson
Operations Manager
Phone: (770) 830-2017
Fax: (770) 830-8207
Email: trichardson@carrollton-ga.gov

Danny Dyer
Phone: (770) 830-2017
Fax: (770) 830-8207
Email: ddyer@carrollton-ga.gov