2018 Comprehensive Plan Update

/2018 Comprehensive Plan Update
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The First Public Hearing (Past)

The first required public hearing was held on Fabruary 13, 2018, to brief the community on the process to be used to update the local comprehensive plan, opportunities for public participation in development of the plan update, and to obtain input on the proposed planning process.

Community Meeting: Visioning Workshop (Past)

The first of the community-wide meetings was held on March 1, 2018, at 6 pm, in the Carrollton Center for the Arts:

Community Workshop: Development Quality, Neighborhoods & Housing; Land Use (Past)

The second of the community-wide meetings was held on March 8, 2018, at 6 pm, in the Hardy Lavender Center:

Community Workshop: Parks & Recreation, Beautification, Tourism, & Health (Past)

The second of the community-wide meetings was held on March 15, 2018, at 6 pm, in the Lakeshore Park Gym:

Date* Time* Topic / Location*
March 01 6:30 pm Visioning Workshop

@ Carrollton Center for The Arts (251 Alabama St., 30117 Carrollton, GA)

March 8 6 pm Development Quality, Neighborhoods & Housing; Land Use

@ Hardy Lavender Center (425 Willie North St., 30117 Carrollton, GA)

March 15 6 pm Parks & Recreation, Beautification, Tourism, & Health

@ Lakeshore Park Gym (116 Lumpkin Dr., Carrollton, GA)

March 26 6 pm Transportation, Community Infrastructure, Services & Safety

@ The Depot on Bradley (455 Bradley St., Carrollton, GA)

*Please make sure to check this website for schedule changes and announcements.

  • Strong intergovernmental system.
  • State’s image: an attractive place to invest & live.
  • Enhances coordination: city/county/region/state.
  • Serves as a problem-solving tool for community issues.
  • Is a fact-based resource for planning initiatives.
  • Tracks progress in implementing community policies (short-term work plan).
  • Provides predictability.
  • Highlights economic initiatives.
  • Prepares for the future.

Comprehensive Plan Elements

  • Community assessment
    • Community vision & goals
    • Needs & opportunities
  • Community participation program
    • Stakeholders committee
    • Participation techniques:
      • Public Meetings & Workshops
      • Community Survey
    • Website and Kiosks
  • Community agenda
    • Community work program (updated every 5 years)
    • Community character areas map
    • Future land use map

Community participation schedule

  • Community Wide Meetings & Workshops (March)

Meetings and workshops are facilitated to determine answers to the three key planning questions – “What do you have?” “What do you want?” and “How will you get it?”

Workshops are often small informal meetings that may include exhibits and presentations designed to be interactive among participants. They foster one to one and small group communication and are excellent for the discussion and critique of problem-solving. They may require several facilitators depending on the size of the group.

Community preference meetings evaluate a series of visual images categorized by housing types and styles, streetscape appearance, open space, commercial areas, and other design or use types. Participants are asked to state a preference for images showing alternative designs displayed side by side. Results are tabulated by the planning team for presentation in stakeholder meetings.

  • Special topic meetings (April)

Special topic meetings may help focus on smaller issues that are important for the community. The need for those meetings will be determined during the main workshops scheduled for March.

  • Public hearings (Kick off in February & Transmittal Resolution in June).

The first required public hearing is an event to announce the planning process to the citizens and other stakeholders and to view a presentation covering the project purpose and general plan approach. The second required public hearing is a formal meeting where the public may comment or provide testimony on the matter presented for voting. This public hearing is scheduled during approval of the completed draft of the Comprehensive Plan for transmittal to the Regional Commission for review.