Press Release – Carrollton Parks & Recreation Dept. Wins Distinguished Awards

//Press Release – Carrollton Parks & Recreation Dept. Wins Distinguished Awards

Press Release – Carrollton Parks & Recreation Dept. Wins Distinguished Awards

City of Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department Win Awards

The City of Carrollton is pleased to announce that the Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department recently won numerous awards from the Georgia Recreation and Park Association for the 2015-2016 year at the annual banquet. The Department won the Agency of the Year Award, the Project Award for the Renovation of Lakeshore Center, and the Outstanding Program Award for the Flippie Hippie Gymnastics Meet. “Our parks and recreation department is a reflection of the quality of life in our Carrollton community. We have an outstanding staff, recreation commission, volunteers, and a city that understands and supports the positive impact they make on our town. Congratulations, on behalf of the Mayor and Council, for the outstanding job you do on a daily basis, and the awards that you continue to win that set you above other departments around the state”, stated Mayor, Walt Hollingsworth.

Staff of the Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department accepting GRPA Agency of the Year Award

Left to Right: Dottee Morton, Tom Sutton, Peter Maierhofer, Kent Johnston, Julie Ivey, Donna Ford, Ali Trent, Ora Chism, Thera Loolen, Stacey Kyne, Danielle Jenkins, Monica Craig, John Layng, and Brody Lively

The Agency of the Year Award, won this year, shows what an impact the Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department makes on our Carrollton community. Some of the core things that they look for when determining the winner of this award, is how a department strengthens the community image and sense of place, how the department supports economic development with tournaments and special events, how the department supports health and wellness, fosters human development, protects environmental resources, and provides positive recreational experiences for people in our community. “The parks and recreation department has been very well supported by this community since 1956, and this award proves how awesome our community supports the department, stated Glen McGinnis, Vice-Chairman of the Recreation Commission.

The department also won the Project Award this past year for the Lakeshore Center Renovation. The renovation was done by inmate labor, and cost $2.2 million to complete. The Lakeshore Center was the first administrative building for the parks and recreation staff, and was built in 1969 after the completion of Lakeshore Park. It housed the parks and recreation department staff until 1986 when they moved to the Stallings Center (the old junior high and high school). The purpose of the renovation was to update the existing facility, connect the aquatic center with the recreation center, and provide a state of the art fitness center to promote health and wellness in our town. “If you remember what the center used to look like before the upgrade, then you will quickly understand how amazing the building looks today”, stated Kent Johnston, Superintendent of Parks and Facilities Maintenance division for the department. The department was excited to get this coveted award as well.

The third and final award that the department won, was the Outstanding Program Award for the Flippie Hippie Invitational Gymnastics Meet hosted by our Carrollton Flexettes. This award truly shows how important staff and volunteers are for our department, along with, what a huge economic impact that, not only our program division has on our community, but our athletic division has as well. Last year alone, our department made an economic impact of approximately $10 million dollars for the fiscal year. The wonderful thing about our department hosting these events is that we get people to come to Carrollton, stay in a hotel, eat at our restaurants, spend money in our stores, and then leave at the end of the weekend. We are fortunate to have outstanding coaches, parents, and volunteers that support our gymnastics team and recreation programs here in Carrollton. It has been another banner year for the Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department. “All three awards show, not only, the commitment by staff to the community, but also, the commitment by the Mayor and Council, the parks and recreation commission, and the citizens of our great community”, stated Peter Maierhofer, Director of the Parks and Recreation Department. Thank you for helping us make a positive impact on our Carrollton Community!



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